The anniversary of the marriage (gamos) of Zeus Teleios (authority, head of the family) and Hera Teleia, giving the month its name. Not much is known about this festival except that it was celebrated with great feasting. Because the sacred marriage was commemorated this month, the month became the ideal time to marry, perhaps because of the imminent arrival of spring.

“Let your nuptial hymns, your nuptial songs, greet him and his [wife]! ‘Twas in the midst of such [wedding] festivities that the Moirai (Fates) formerly united Olympian Hera to the King [Zeus] who governs the gods from the summit of his inaccessible throne. Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios! Rosy Eros with the golden wings held the reins and guided the chariot; ’twas he, who presided over the union of Zeus and the fortunate Hera. Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaios!”

– Aristophanes, Birds.




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